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Mtssa. Charles M. Fitch 'Dark Monarch' 6-inch pot $35.00

Mtssa. Charles M. Fitch 'Dark Monarch' 6-inch pot  $35.00
Item# Mtssa-c-m-fitch-dark-monarch

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Mtssa. Charles M. Fitch 'Dark Monarch' 6-inch pot  $35.00
This hybrid belongs to a group of orchids known as the Spider Orchids. Named after the unique shape of the flowers with long petals and sepal. The elongated flower segments are reminiscent of spider legs, but they're no where near as scary! These orchids enjoy bright sunlight, moist roots (but not wet!) and tolerate both heat and cold. This makes this orchid perfect for the beginner. Each new growth will produce one to two inflorescences with multiple flowers on each. Add one of these to your collection today. You'll be gad you did!

The soft lavender flowers with darker lavender spots of this variety make this flower really stand out! This is also one of the most prolific grower and bloomer we've seen. It seems to always be growing and blooming. It's hard to find pots big enough to keep these in!