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African Violet Rob's Galiwinku: Starter Plant

African Violet Rob's Galiwinku: Starter Plant
Item# robs-galiwinku-plant

Product Description

African Violet Rob's Galiwinku is semi-miniature trailer with double red-orchid sticktite flowers with dark blue fantasy markings. Foliage is medium green, pointed.
Weíve found this plant to be very easy to grow and bloom. Itís no wonder it was rated as the number one show-winner in the country back in 2003. Nothing has changed Ė itís still a GREAT show plant and all around good plant to grow.

Standard African Violets Starter Plants are sold in 3-oz containers unless otherwise indicated. Semi-miniature and miniature African Violets are sold in 3-oz containers or smaller, depending on the size of the plant. All Starter Plants are well established and ready for delivery. As usual, we will select the largest, best grown Starter Plant for your order.

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